HyDRA Web is a comparitive HIV genotyping web application for identifying HIV drug resistance from a next generation sequencing dataset. It can detect mutations down to a 1% cut-off using specific quality control, reference mapping and variant calling techniques. Bowtie2 is used for reference mapping as it is highly sensitive and specific and performed the best for our data. We have targeted the Illumina MiSEQ as our preferred sequencer, but we also support Roche 454. The main output of HyDRA is a drug resistance report which uses the Stanford SDRM 2009 list of mutations as well as the Stanford HIVDB mutations when reporting. Analyses are flexible within HyDRA Web as we allow the end user to adjust almost every parameter.

HyDRA Web was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada as a part of a Genomics Research and Development Initiative.


Bowtie2 : http://bowtie-bio.sourceforge.net/bowtie2/index.shtml

User Guide : PDF (English)



Launch HyDRA Web

Screenshot showing an example analysis page.